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      Introduction of Herbage Membrane

      Silage pasture film Silage pasture film, also known as pasture film, is a kind of wrapping plastic film. It is a supporting product for silage baler at home and abroad. It is specially used fo

      detailed >>>

      Characteristics of SLFM Herbage Membrane

      Characteristics of SLFM Herbage Membrane 1. Strong self-adhesive, impervious to water and oxygen, forming an anaerobic environment inside the packaging. 2. Strong puncture performance, stable nat

      detailed >>>

      Instructions for the Use of grass silage film

      Instructions for the Use of grass silage film1. During the use of pasture film, it should not be stretched excessively.2. When wrapping silage, the latter film

      detailed >>>

      As the world's most advanced silage technology package

      They are in Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions

      Has been widely used and has more than 10 years of mature experience.

      What is worth our surprise is not its packaging

      It is a superb technique for storing grass membranes


        Contact us

      • slfm@qdslfilm.com
      • +86-0532-83130093
      • Xinzhuang village, Jiaozhou Industrial       Park, the Yanghe River Town,
              Qingdao, Shandong
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